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Our Belief

To become a trusted technology partner of our clients by delivering best-in-class, "back-to-basics" solutions that increase our clients' productivity and profitability.

Our Work

Bayson has started to provide "back-to-basics" solutions to SMEs since 1997. Many SMEs are eagered to take advantage of new technologies to enhance their productivity but may find it difficult or costly to maintain these technical solutions. Some SMEs have delegated the management of IT to the Finance and Administration department but often times they don't have the skills to evaluate and install the systems. Many owners of SMEs have become the "IT director" but they simply have too many other issues that could be on top of their "priority list".

Bayson's "Back-to-Basics" approach allows our clients to focus on issues that are fundamental to business success. We work with our clients to provide systems and tools that would contribute a positive return to client's investment. Read more about "Back-to-Basics" solutions

Our Clients

Our clients include many successful SMEs from different industries. SMEs may not have a big IT department yet this does not mean they should not take advantage of technologies to increase their competitiveness, productivity and profitability. Our focus on SMEs let us meet the special needs of SMEs. Below is a partial list of clients (in alphabetical order).

Innovi Technologies Ltd.
Kapabla Inc.
Motiv8 Ltd.
Transpacific Ltd.